Donuts rolls out half page ad in Playboy magazine

We’ve been waiting for this moment since January; the time that a new gTLD registry actually spends some serious cash on advertising to the general public.

Donuts advertising dot .bike domains - CLICK for large image.

Donuts advertising dot .bike domains – CLICK for larger image.

Donuts, Inc. has just done that, by placing a half page ad in the upcoming May issue of Playboy magazine.

“The ad is sexy yet tasteful, we are targeting the predominately male Playboy audience that wants to expand and improve their lifestyle,” said Paul Stahura, CEO of Donuts, Inc.

“Most Playboy readers are middle aged executives lusting after younger, free-spirited females with prominent female features, and our ad conveys that exact visual candy,” added Stahura.

This Playboy-featured ad is just the prelude of several ads that will cover an expected 200 gTLDs that Donuts, Inc. is aiming to secure.

Currently, there are almost 10,000 dot .bike domains registered and this campaign will hopefully increase registrations very soon.

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