Dot .Boo gTLD applied for by the World’s Cutest Dog

Dot .Boo was applied for by the world’s cutest dog.

The world’s cutest dog, a bear-faced Pomeranian named Boo, is the sole applicant of the .Boo gTLD, according to friends of the dog superstar.

Not content with having 4.5 million likes on Facebook and its own plush toy collection, Boo will now be able to offer an endless number of domain names to its fans.

“We can now offer and along with to the top fans of our beloved Boo,” said the pet owners in a press release.

“Don’t get us wrong, we love Boo to pieces but it takes a lot of time and energy to post a cute picture every day on Facebook, so why not make some money as well?”

According to the same sources, the dot .Boo gTLD is almost certain to be approved, unlike the multiple applications for .app, .blogs and .hotels.

“What domainers need is a cute mascot to make their day brighter, and Dot .Boo is the perfect gTLD”, said outgoing ICANN CEO, Rod Beckstrom, adding: “I’m a big fan of Boo’s and I check out the Facebook page daily, more often than my ICANN email.”

The Dot .Boo gTLD is expected to be more popular than .LOL and .WTF – also applied for at ICANN.

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One Response to “Dot .Boo gTLD applied for by the World’s Cutest Dog”
  1. son says:

    This remind me of an article that I read a while ago about, that it was on the Top 10 dot-com bubble with a record of $160 million evaporated. Now, we have a dot boo. What to expect next?

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