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Boo: World’s cutest dog turns 8; sponsors water charity

Boo, the world’s cutest dog with a followship of 10,935,324 Likes on Facebook, turned 8 years old today. Naturally, Boo’s owners are using his worldwide popularity to solicit donations for CharityWater.org: “I am dedicating my 8th birthday to help charity: water build clean water projects around the world, and I am asking for your help […]

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Boo: On the Internet, everybody knows you are a dog!

A classic cartoon by Peter Steiner from 1993, depicts two dogs in front of a computer, with the tag line: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” How times have changed! Twenty-one years ago, nobody would have imagined that a dog would actually be on the Internet and be so overly popular – to […]

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Dot .Boo gTLD applied for by the World’s Cutest Dog

The world’s cutest dog, a bear-faced Pomeranian named Boo, is the sole applicant of the .Boo gTLD, according to friends of the dog superstar. Not content with having 4.5 million likes on Facebook and its own plush toy collection, Boo will now be able to offer an endless number of domain names to its fans. […]

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