Dot .COM #domains in the wild : #FlyingLocksmiths .com

We often encounter .com domain names “in the wild” and some are emblazoned onto vehicles.

Rest assured that when we take photos of these domain names, we aren’t in motion, but rather, stuck in traffic or at a stop sign. Safety first!

Many businesses utilize dot .com domains, as it’s the oldest TLD, along with .net and .org, and stands for “commercial.”

Last time we came across a dot .com domain in the wild, it was a locksmith, and out of some diabolical coincidence, we came across another one.

Meet the Flying Locksmiths, a company with offices all over the US, operating from the web site

While cars don’t fly yet, they seem to be proud of the speed with which they respond to calls:

We are incredibly proud of having been a locksmith company for over 70 years. Years of locksmith experience and business education are two of the main components that create the framework of The Flying Locksmiths leadership team.[…] The mission of the company is simple: provide top of the line security, utilizing all means of communication, while staying true to family values.

Visit their web site for your locksmith needs.

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One Response to “Dot .COM #domains in the wild : #FlyingLocksmiths .com”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    I find new gTLDs more interesting than legacy gTLDs. Though, it’s nice to see .com is still the popular first choice. 🙂

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