Dot .com sightings : #GailLaw .com #domain is a forwarder

When stuck in traffic, it’s great to have a domain name “in the wild” emblazoned on the car ahead.

We call these random encounters “domain sightings,” and rest assured, that we’re stationary when we aim and say “cheese” to capture a photo.

There are two groups of domain sightings, dot .comas in this case – and all the rest.

This time around we came across a law office’s domain name, that’s presented on a cool car wrap. Ok, so they split the wrap in a weird way, as far as the lawyer’s face is concerned. 😀

As the photo shows, is the domain name of the law offices of attorney Gail Seeram, and her immigration law firm. When visited, the domain forwards to

Whoah. From a two word .com domain, forwarding to a four-worder! 😀 Oh well.

Either way, according to the web site:

“Gail S. Seeram is one of the most experienced Immigration Attorney in the Orlando, Florida area.  She has been in private practice for 15+ years and practicing law for 20+ years.  Her practice is limited to immigration law with a concentration on cases involving individuals with criminal records, family-based immigration, deportation defense and waivers/appeals.  She handles more than 1000 cases per year involving adjustment of status in the U.S., visa applications before consulates, naturalization and affirmative INA §212(c) waivers, and representation of clients before the immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals.”

For more information, visit

Dot .com sightings –

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  1. BullS says:

    She should thank Uncle Trump for her roaring
    Business now.
    She must be a Trump supporter.

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