Non .com sightings : Emerald Plumbing rolls around #Florida on a .net #domain

Domain sightings are random encounters of “domains in the wild” – a generic reference to seeing a domain name in the real world.

We group these domain name sightings into two categories: dot .com, and everything else.

While there are so many more .com domains “in the wild” we often run into a different TLD, gTLD or ccTLD even.

On a quiet rural road, we came across an Emerald Plumbing vehicle, bearing the domain

They are based in Orlando, FL, as the .com is owned by a Michigan company.

According to their web site:

“Emerald Plumbing is a full-service Orlando Plumber. We are also the Metro Orlando RePipe Specialist! Nobody touches us for quality and professionalism! Most homes are repiped in one day with drywall completed on the 2nd day. We are the least intrusive plumbing company in town, cutting the least amount of drywall! “

Registered in 2007, is a nice, memorable domain. Would they do better having the keyword-rich new gTLD domain, Emerald.Plumbing? It’s available at Uniregistry for about $40 bucks per year.

Domain name in the wild :

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