Dot .nurse enters the gTLD Medical universe for domain names

Since ICANN opened the floodgates of gTLD applications, several new players join the market weekly.

The latest one supersedes prior existing medical applications by .med and .rx by seeking approval of the dot .nurse gTLD.

“There is a vast interest in the UK where the profession of the nurse is well-respected and thoroughly rewarded”, said Sir Thomas Fergusson, president of the Royal Londonderry Hospital of St. Pancras.

“We have applied for the dot .nurse gTLD, hoping that we can provide an astounding place for nurses in facilities around Great Britain and overseas, absolutely!”, he added.

The proliferation of new gTLDs is a must for the survival of the ICANN “Club Med” mentality; the newest TLDs such as .XXX provide $2 per registration to the ICANN fund for traveling to the famously exotic destinations where ICANN conferences take place.

However, there are some dangers ahead.

“We would ensure that no adult registrations are allowed, absolutely no such content will be tolerated”, says Sir Thomas Fergusson.

“Names such as sexy.nurse, buxom.nurse or kinky.nurse will be banished from the registration process. We do not wish to become the Knockers magazine of the healthcare industry”, he added.

Tough luck for those that expected to smear the dot .nurse gTLD with pornographic registrations; if this becomes a trend among new gTLD applications it’s expected that .XXX will be very busy for the years to come.

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