#Douchebag CEO : I’ll wager $5k against all you #domain bros!

Can’t stop Pete Cacadoodoo, CEO of Slurpee Co., a Dallas, TX start-up that sells premium quality manscaping gear to millennials.

The enterprising founder of Slurpee, got all defensive about his recent half-baked decision to rebrand from the established domain GetMySlurpee.com to the shorter, more appropriate Slurpee.SO.

“Y’all domain bros can stick your armchair quarterback advice where the sun don’t shine,” said Pete Cacadoodoo, with a wide grin etched on his face.

“If y’all don’t wager $5k right now, I’ll know y’all are PUSSIES. My Slurpee.SO will outrank Slurpee.com in 90 days organically, no SEO tricks, no money spent!” exclaimed Pete Cacadoodoo, smirking manically.

What drives Pete, whose nickname in college was “Dickerman”, is his passion for founding and establishing businesses from thin air. Domains don’t matter, SEO quality is irrelevant, and luck is definitely overrated.

“I’ve a passion as a corporate rebel who is on a mission, and my middle finger instinctively is raised at wannabe entrepreneurs that just sit on domain names and dish out advice,” says Pete Cacadoodoo.

“If you want me to spend money buying the matching .com you can go FUCK yourself. Outta my face, and you will blocked on Twitter, FUCKFACE!” exclaimed the Slurpee Co. CEO.

Several dozen domain investors clearly wasted their well-meant intentions to educate this douchebag CEO.

If you start a business, get the matching .com domain or rebrand – alternatively, be a complete douche like Pete Cacadoodoo.

Douchebag CEO – Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

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4 Responses to “#Douchebag CEO : I’ll wager $5k against all you #domain bros!”
  1. bailey anderson says:


  2. Data Glasses says:

    Slurpee’s give me a headache ..

  3. Todd says:

    This guys a dumb fuck. Can someone please contact management at 7-11stores and let them know this idiot is using their trademarked name Slurpee to name his own company. You shouldn’t have poked the bear Petey. LOL LOL

  4. Roberto says:

    @Data Glasses – Try adding some rum.

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