DropCatch: How much time is wasted on 2FA challenges?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security to just the username and password login method.

Instead of relying solely on something you know (a password,)  2FA requires additional verification through something you have or something you are: A temporary code on your mobile device, a fingerprint or facial recognition, or a hardware token.

By requiring two forms of identification, 2FA amplifies the security of accounts and systems, making it more challenging for unauthorized individuals to gain access.

Domain investors spend a lot of time on 2FA challenges daily, for such systems as registrar accounts, hosting accounts, and even domain bidding platforms.

Just how much of it is necessary?

When added together, small chunks of time can become significant. And while one should always protect their domain portfolio at a registrar that offers 2FA, is it really necessary to use it on a domain bidding platform?

An ongoing thread over at NamePros calculates the amount of time that’s probably wasted on DropCatch 2FA challenges. The use of 2FA is now mandatory, apparently, on the popular domain bidding platform.

Says CDM of NamePros about this apparent cumulative loss of valuable time:

“If you add up the time lost for having to use MFA and 2FA every day, multiple times per day, across multiple sites, it is costing perhaps millions of dollars in lost work to the domainer community.

Even if on average it takes a minimum extra 30 seconds to login (it’s likely more) that is already over 3 hours of lost work in a year. Nearly a half day! If you do it twice/day over a year that’s 6 hours, … 5x per day = 15 hours lost!! Imagine losing near 2-days of work per year for something like this. It’s mind boggling.”

Of course, the same goes for any repetitive task in life, such as shaving, preparing meals, or taking the dog out to poop. But perhaps the need for 2FA implementation is “abused” by platforms that could instead log out accounts less often.

That might save you an hour or two every year and with that your sanity.

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