Ebola, shmebola: ICANN confirms it’s considering a change of location away from Morocco

King of Morocco is suing at the local court to ensure a domain remains royal property.


ICANN issued the following official statement, regarding the fate of the ICANN52 conference, currently scheduled for Marrakesh in Morocco:

Following Morocco’s recent request to postpone the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament because of possible African travel restrictions, ICANN is in active and ongoing discussions with our ICANN 52 Marrakech hosts.

ICANN is considering postponing the meeting in Marrakech scheduled for 8-12 February, 2015 as the likelihood of travel restrictions being imposed on nationals from African countries would reduce participation in the meeting. ICANN’s multistakeholder, bottom up model relies on the broad, active participation of communities across geography and society.

ICANN staff is working closely with the ICANN Board and its Community representatives. No decision has been taken yet, however ICANN understands the importance of providing timely updates and path forward on the status and location of ICANN 52.

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