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EkoEkoEkoEko.com is valued at $6 million dollars, per NamesProst thread

Echoes of the EKO.com domain sale by Uniregistry for $1,500,000 dollars are driving investors with empowerment.

Hours after the sale was disclosed, domainers at popular forum, NamesProst, raved about their latest registrations.

“Guess what guys! I managed to get EkoEkoEkoEko.com which is four times the Eko keyword,” said fresh domainer, Luke Jablowski.

“That is 4x the 1.5 mil, so I reckon I’m set for life with 6 million, w00t!” exclaimed the NamesProst regular.

Others joined in, applauding the magic opportunity to make lots of money from reg fee registrations.

“Should I get Eko.BS although Bahamas  domains are soooo damn expensive? It’s available!” said Pete Dope, who uses the “spazzz33” pseudonym.

“If I pay the $500 /year registration fee maybe I’ll make five figures with this premium Eko domain!!!” said Pete Dope, adding 25 emojis after the bang.

If you are looking to make a quick profit with Eko domains, now it’s your time to shine – make sure you subscribe to NamesProst as well.

In case you’re wondering: EkoEkoEko.com is owned by HelloEko.com, buyers of the domain name Eko.com.

NamesProst members trading Eko domains – Photo by Code💻 Ninja⚡ on Unsplash

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One Response to “EkoEkoEkoEko.com is valued at $6 million dollars, per NamesProst thread”
  1. Anonymous says:

    He’s either a beginner domainer or plain stupid and don’t realize a 3 letter domain can demand that value.

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