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Elequa’s LLL .com domain portfolio in Chinese hands – Part Trois


Elequa during NamesCon – Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

Domain investor Elequa is selling or has sold a huge stash of LLL .com domains to the Chinese; when we covered the original domain portfolio, it contained NNNN .com domains as well.

Part two was smaller, but only for a short while, as part three – or trois in French for dramatic emphasis – is humongous.

Back on this latest list are a few NNNN .com domains also.

It’s great seeing one of the most prolific domain investors liquidate part of his valuable domain assets at a prime time and an apparently premium price.

Here’s the domain list on this fine Friday!

  • 3097.com
  • 3102.com
  • BJR.com
  • FCK.com
  • FMJ.com
  • GJF.com
  • KDJ.com
  • KQS.com
  • MBQ.com
  • NRT.com
  • NSJ.com
  • PSF.com
  • RYD.com
  • WYS.com
  • DGX.com
  • FTK.com
  • LBR.com
  • YSH.com

Meanwhile, another large LLL .com portfolio holder, Telepathy, Inc., is selling or has sold LLY.com to the Chinese.



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  1. Hire Domains says:

    Must be great to have such a liquid product!

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