Elliot’s blog reviews the ‘Goat Simulator’

Elliot’s blog contains lots of useful tidbits of information, and this one came across as one of the funniest ever: a review of the Goat Simulator – a video game where you actually play as a goat.

Says Elliot:

“There are some games with a complicated premise, massive backstory, years of engine research and realistic story writing. Goat Simulator is not one of those games, and that’s amazing. The premise of Goat Simulator is as follows: You are a goat. Goat about and do goat things.”

It’s remarkable that someone hadn’t thought of such a game approach, where the main hero is a non-human, interacting with an environment familiar to and filled with humans.

Simply brilliant! 😀

So what about Elliot? In the “Personal” section, Elliot lays it out rather clear:

“I love my PC. I spend hours and hours in front of it every day, it’s where I work, where I relax and where I will probably die. As a result, I’ve invested a fair amount in it. I intend to use this blog to write some first impressions and reviews on PC games and new tech, so I figured I should tell you more about my computer. I like talking about my computer, can’t you tell?”

We are talking about ElliotsBlog.co.uk, in case you were a bit confused. 😉

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