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Enterprise Florida gets new ‘Sexist’ Logo reminiscent of ‘hanging chad’ days

Can you see the penis - sorry, the tie - in the logo?

Can you see the penis – sorry, the tie – in the logo?

Enterprise Florida, Inc., Florida’s official economic development organization, has revealed its new logo and brand – at PerfectBusinessClimate.com.

Presented by Florida governor, Richard Lynn “Rick” Scott, the new logo makes use of the business connotation of the dress tie, and uses it instead of the dotted letter “i”. The logo was designed by Jacksonville-based OnIdeas.

The end result, while pleasing to the eye overall, reveals the sexism prevalent in business – not just in Florida, but in America overall.

Responses to the Enterprise Florida facebook are both for and against the new “tie” logo:

  • “Your tie logo is offensive. What, business is men only?”
  • “I am a female business owner and the logo doesn’t offend me at all… I actually like it very much. I think the tie is understood to be a symbol of business.”
  • “Come on, they have a binder full of women, lol”
  • “I Find Stupidity Offensive”
  • “I like it! But if it wants to be accurate for much of South Florida, it should show a pair of scissors cutting off the tie!”
  • “Not very female friendly at all. With so many new women business owners impacting our economy…. you should consider ditching the tie”
  • “Good grief…it’s embarrassing to be a a woman sometimes! You really think a tie is sexist? wow. I thought nothing of it. Come on, ladies, show men that we are NOT a bunch of cry babies!”
  • “No we don’t. That’s idiotic. Women do NOT wear ties to do business. Puh-lease.”
  • ” It’s not really a tie, it’s a penis.”

Whether Enterprise Florida decides to keep the logo or not, remains to be seen. What they should really be concerned about, is that someone already registered their new motto, “The Perfect Climate for Business” as a .com. 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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2 Responses to “Enterprise Florida gets new ‘Sexist’ Logo reminiscent of ‘hanging chad’ days”
  1. You know who says:

    Wow, they got ripped off I would have done it for half! bahaha

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