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Escrow.com revamps domain transaction back-end


Escrow.com unveiled its newly designed web site, with plans to offer multi-language support during NamesCon 2016.

Our interview with Jackson Elsegood provided valuable information on the path Escrow.com is following for improving its visuals, procedures and customer service.

The launch of a domain escrow concierge service added even more value to domain exchanges via Escrow.com; there is also a Chinese language version of the web site that makes interaction with Chinese domain investors considerably easier.

Now, Escrow.com is rolling out its updated back-end system, and currently there are visual improvements to the interface, as one can see below for the list of closed transactions.


Escrow.com back-end

It’s exciting to see a domain services company with a long history, to move forward with improvements and additions, as opposed to resting on its laurels.

For more information, visit Escrow.com.

Note: Escrow.com is a premium sponsor of DomainGang; we utilize their services and often present news and information as provided.

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