EscrowHill: Handled the Escrow + Agreed deal expertly

Andee Hill forms

Andee Hill of

The recent acquisition of domain escrow newcomers,, by industry giant generated an interesting situation.

When two escrow companies “collide”, who will manage the transaction in an expert, unbiased, and trust-worthy manner?

Enter, the company formed by industry veteran, Andee Hill.

Known for its environmental protection affiliation, EscrowHill managed the & merger in a fast, efficient manner, providing an expert and prompt transaction at the most affordable fees.

EscrowHill offers direct escrowing of the domain involved, at GoDaddy, when Premium Escrow is selected. That option, is still cheaper than other escrow services, such as

Ammar Kubba, whose balls were involved in the transaction, was definitely pleased by the outcome:

“I think this transaction went through so smoothly, I’m definitely impressed!” exclaimed Ammar Kubba, CEO of Thought Convergence.

“If a million things could go wrong, none did. Both my balls made it safely across California, and the transaction closed with everyone happy by the outcome”, added Kubba, smiling.

Congratulations to EscrowHill for handling such a transaction using the expertise and personal touch of its officers. For more information, visit

Note: This is a parody post and EscrowHill is a premium sponsor of DomainGang, but you already knew that.

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  1. Raj Domains says:

    congrats EscrowHill for handling that deal.

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