EscrowHill to the rescue as Sedo domains remain frozen in escrow

Dozens of domain names remained frozen in Sedo escrow, following three weeks of extremely bad weather in Boston and New England. A recent surge in gas prices have kept the corporate Sedo offices in Boston without much heat; most domains begin to malfunction once temperatures drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. “We have not lost any […]

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Update your EscrowHill profile in all 50 US states

Using EscrowHill, the domain escrow service provided by industry veteran, Andee Hill, is a cinch. The introduction of a fully automated, revamped web site in November allows domain investors to utilize domain escrow services at very affordable prices. Existing users will need to update their profiles, to reflect their locale within the US, or internationally. […]

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Domain escrow service company, has released a major upgrade to its web site, going beyond just its look and feel. The entire domain escrow process appears streamlined and automatic. Here is the press release: We are pleased to announce that released a major software update.  You can now register on our secure site and create […]

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EscrowHill: Handled the Escrow + Agreed deal expertly

The recent acquisition of domain escrow newcomers,, by industry giant generated an interesting situation. When two escrow companies “collide”, who will manage the transaction in an expert, unbiased, and trust-worthy manner? Enter, the company formed by industry veteran, Andee Hill. Known for its environmental protection affiliation, EscrowHill managed the & […]

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Domain Guardians of the Galaxy: Andee Hill joins special league of Avengers

Alpha Cygni – Stardate 68094.7 – For immediate release: Domain escrow officer, Andee Hill, has joined the special league of avengers, Domain Guardians of the Galaxy. The officer of joins fellow officer Gregg McNair in an expert unit that will fight galactic cybercrime. Along with Mike Robertson and Ammar Kubba, they are preparing for […]

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EscrowHill announces ‘Protect Kiwi Nation’ conservation project

EscrowHill, the domain name escrow service founded by Andee Hill, has strong ties with New Zealand, where it’s formed as a Limited corporation. New Zealanders are fond of their national bird, the kiwi, which is currently undergoing a vicious attack by Australian poachers. “Some Aussies think it’s cool to come to New Zealand and attempt […]

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“Escrow Hill” Andee shows off spectacular transformation at TRAFFIC!

EscrowHill founder, Andee Hill, delivered the shock of the century during the TRAFFIC party last night; the dramatic transformation has to be seen to be believed. “After years and years of being type-cast as a stereotypical, long hair blonde, the time for a change has arrived, much as it is with domain escrow services,” said […]

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Flippa: No more credit card payments – mandatory Escrow or PayPal

Citing “safety” and “speeding” up of post-auction transactions, Flippa has now removed the option of making credit card payments as a means of funding domain transactions. It will now be compulsory for Flippa sellers to assign a payment method to their domain listing; the supported options are just two: and PayPal. The removal of […]

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Andee Hill: One day at will convince you we’re an 100% dedicated domain escrow

Andee Hill’s successful launch of as a domain escrow service, wasn’t a random act; the decision to become an independent escrow broker was a lifetime desire for professional independence. We asked Ammar Kubba, founder of, to step into Andee Hill’s shoes for a day at, and Ammar accepted the challenge. “The hardest […]

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An issue involving the provision of a bank swift code for an transaction, started with a big bang headline over at DNForum; the “ scam!!!” reference was quite emphatic. Escrow payouts in euro involve the disbursement of funds via bank wire, and for that function a swift code is required.   The seller stated […]

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James Wester: Persistence in domain brokering pays off handsomely!

The recent sale of for $286,000 dollars was not achieved overnight. Brokering the sale, domain entrepreneur James Wester spent a considerable amount of time working with potential buyers, including the one who eventually bought the domain. Splitting his time between Houston, Texas and Sydney, Australia, James Wester is a prime example of an international […]

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Michelle Obama: The dot .com will be resold exclusively via

The domain name was auctioned off at the GoDaddy TDNAM recently, but little was known about the seller, whose info was undisclosed. Forty-eight hours after the transaction ended, a livid First Lady came forward as the actual seller, announcing the following: “I tried to sell the domain on GoDaddy, they were slow like one […]

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