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Escrow.com: Some customers might need out-of-the-box attention

An issue involving the provision of a bank swift code for an Escrow.com transaction, started with a big bang headline over at DNForum; the “Escrow.com scam!!!” reference was quite emphatic.

Escrow payouts in euro involve the disbursement of funds via bank wire, and for that function a swift code is required.


The seller stated that his bank does not have a dedicated swift code for bank wires, and that’s where things turned messy; Escrow.com could not release the funds without a swift code.

Further communication on the matter involved the direct contact of the seller by the Escrow.com president, Brandon Abbey, who resolved the matter and stated:

“This issue was resolved to [the client’s] satisfaction, it just took a little out-of-the-box attention. Should anyone ever have an issue with Escrow.com I am always available to jump in.”

It’s great knowing that Escrow.com takes pride in its customer service, particularly in sticky situations like this.

The domain community has long benefited from reputable escrow services, such as Escrow.com; newcomers Agreed.com and EscrowHill.com are also operated by licensed officers with experience and flawless reputation. France-based eCOP also provides escrow services.

All’s well that ends well! 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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