EscrowHill announces ‘Protect Kiwi Nation’ conservation project

EscrowHill, the domain name escrow service founded by Andee Hill, has strong ties with New Zealand, where it’s formed as a Limited corporation.

New Zealanders are fond of their national bird, the kiwi, which is currently undergoing a vicious attack by Australian poachers.

“Some Aussies think it’s cool to come to New Zealand and attempt to capture our kiwi birds, and that’s not cool, that’s not cool at all, mate” said Andee Hill.

“We are facing an epidemic, and as founder of I decided to do something about it, before the kiwi becomes extinct,” added Hill, showing us the draft of the new project.


Protect Kiwi Nation will be a conservation and preservation project for the highlands of New Zealand, sponsored by EscrowHill; many famous New Zealanders are expected to adopt its goals, and will contribute their time to the project’s cause.

“We expect Protect Kiwi Nation to be as big as PeTA, or Greenpeace; there are millions of people that love the kiwi and would hate to see it go the way of the Dodo,” said Andee Hill, referring to the now extinct bird, adding: “We’ll be updating with a special section to promote our project, very soon.”

If you want to support Protect Kiwi Nation, and to keep in touch with future developments, visit for news and updates.

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