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Escrow.com updates web site for secure domain transactions

Escrow.com, the domain industry’s oldest domain escrow service, has an updated web site. The update provides instant access to the escrow process, with HTML5 animations explaining the steps of the agreement, throughout the exchange. By switching the colors to darker at the top, Escrow.com achieves a pleasant experience on the desktop and mobile. The design […]

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Michelle Obama: The dot .com will be resold exclusively via EscrowHill.com

The domain name MichelleObama.com was auctioned off at the GoDaddy TDNAM recently, but little was known about the seller, whose info was undisclosed. Forty-eight hours after the transaction ended, a livid First Lady came forward as the actual seller, announcing the following: “I tried to sell the domain on GoDaddy, they were slow like one […]

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