“Escrow Hill” Andee shows off spectacular transformation at TRAFFIC!

EscrowHill founder, Andee Hill, delivered the shock of the century during the TRAFFIC party last night; the dramatic transformation has to be seen to be believed.

“After years and years of being type-cast as a stereotypical, long hair blonde, the time for a change has arrived, much as it is with domain escrow services,” said Andee, beaming.

“I absolutely love my auburn hair, and instead of getting a tattoo here in Vegas I had this great pixie look and dye instead!” exclaimed Andee, while Tracy “Domain Princess” Fogarty agreed.

Andee Hill and Tracy Fogarty during TRAFFIC in Vegas.

Andee Hill and Tracy Fogarty during TRAFFIC in Vegas.

As the party raged on, Andee reminded Ammar Kubba of his transformation for a day last month.

“Looks like you’ll be sporting a new wig soon, Ammar!” – said Andee, and the crowds burst in laughter, while Ammar Kubba rolled his eyes.

Andee Hill looks absolutely spectacular in her new auburn pixie look.

The only problem: she’ll have to update her photo for EscrowHill.com soon. 😀

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