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James Wester: Persistence in domain brokering pays off handsomely!

The recent sale of Accommodation.com for $286,000 dollars was not achieved overnight. Brokering the sale, domain entrepreneur James Wester spent a considerable amount of time working with potential buyers, including the one who eventually bought the domain. Splitting his time between Houston, Texas and Sydney, Australia, James Wester is a prime example of an international […]

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Crikey! Six figure sale of Carloan.com.au catapults TRAFFIC newbie to stardom

James Wester might be a TRAFFIC first time goer, but he’s not a newbie when it comes to domaining. The Texas native is a resident of Australia, amassing a very decent Aussie domain portfolio, over the course of several years. James overcame business and personal difficulties, and he’s back, having just sold a portfolio of […]

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