Domain Guardians of the Galaxy: Andee Hill joins special league of Avengers

Alpha Cygni – Stardate 68094.7 – For immediate release:

Domain escrow officer, Andee Hill, has joined the special league of avengers, Domain Guardians of the Galaxy.

The officer of joins fellow officer Gregg McNair in an expert unit that will fight galactic cybercrime. Along with Mike Robertson and Ammar Kubba, they are preparing for a tough battle against scammers, scalpers, domain thieves and other villains that poach on domains.

“I’m excited to join Domain Guardians of the Galaxy and I promise that all transactions at EscrowHill pass a rigorous security test,” exclaimed Andee Hill, while applying some green protective skin toner.

“Gregg and I will block every and all galactic cyberthieves and will deliver justice with our expertise and lethal weapons!” added Andee Hill.

Andee Hill comes from an elite team of escrow officers that will safely handle your domain transaction; Gregg McNair, Mike Robertson and Ammar Kubba are on top of their game as well.

The Domain Guardians of the Galaxy team can be commissioned for instant action!

Way to go, Domain Guardians of the Galaxy! 😀



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