Brandon Abbey joins #crypto services company, Scrypto Finance and Trust

Domain industry and escrow services veteran, Brandon Abbey, has assumed a new position with a newly founded company. Mr. Abbey is now the co-founder and Managing Director of Escrow Services of Scrypto Finance and Trust. He let us know that he’s in transition at Payoneer, assisting with the closure of its division’s operations for a […]

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If you currently visit you’ll see a notice that the system is down for maintenance. The great news is that a new notification system is in place, separate from the web services portal. Located at, the system displays updates to the maintenance, as it progresses. One can also sign up via email […]

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EscrowHill to the rescue as Sedo domains remain frozen in escrow

Dozens of domain names remained frozen in Sedo escrow, following three weeks of extremely bad weather in Boston and New England. A recent surge in gas prices have kept the corporate Sedo offices in Boston without much heat; most domains begin to malfunction once temperatures drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. “We have not lost any […]

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Convergence Monday: EscrowHill joins forces with JohnBerryHill

EscrowHill, the affordable domain escrow service founded by Andee Hill, announced its immediate merger with John Berryhill‘s law offices. This mega-merger forms a new entity, called Hill Ventures Ltd., to operate solely from the Dutch Antilles, and will offer domain escrow services and legal protection of domain assets. Andee Hill, CEO of EscrowHill could not […]

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