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#Domainers : Avoid meeting with Death, for as long as you can

Today’s news of Alton Leroy Flanders passing is a reminder of our vulnerable human side – it comes with an expiration date. Ironically, one of Flanders’ best domains is bidder.com, and it seems that it will be heavily bid on upon expiration. As individuals we want to live a long, prosperous, happy life; as domainers, […]

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Are you that stupid? Avvo user seeks legal advice to engage in RDNH!

One Avvo user – the online place to seek professional “free advice” on legal matters – is clearly in need of education on domain and trademark matters.   The question asked was: ” If I Trademark a Website Domain that is currently owned can I legally have the owner forfeit the rights of ownership to me?” […]

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Convergence Monday: EscrowHill joins forces with JohnBerryHill

EscrowHill, the affordable domain escrow service founded by Andee Hill, announced its immediate merger with John Berryhill‘s law offices. This mega-merger forms a new entity, called Hill Ventures Ltd., to operate solely from the Dutch Antilles, and will offer domain escrow services and legal protection of domain assets. Andee Hill, CEO of EscrowHill could not […]

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