Convergence Monday: EscrowHill joins forces with JohnBerryHill

EscrowHill, the affordable domain escrow service founded by Andee Hill, announced its immediate merger with John Berryhill‘s law offices.

This mega-merger forms a new entity, called Hill Ventures Ltd., to operate solely from the Dutch Antilles, and will offer domain escrow services and legal protection of domain assets.

Andee Hill, CEO of EscrowHill could not contain her excitement about the merger:

“John Berryhill brings decades of successful litigation and trademark protection to our company, and as a team we plan to kick some major butt! Just wait!”

Meanwhile, John Berryhill laconically characterized the merger as “only a natural inception of one’s mind“, referring to the similarity of the names and brands.


The new logo, presented above, was designed to incorporate several elements of both companies; the twin hills represent the unity of the two major brands.

Other elements, such as the double berries and the Cross of St. John, naturally deliver John Berryhill’s role as chief legal partner of Hill Ventures Ltd.

The logo was designed by top New York firm, Fungus Bros.

“John’s knowledge of the domain market, and his close affiliation to a wide range of BBQ cuisine will further establish Hill Ventures Ltd. as the top destination for such services, on the Internet!” exclaimed Andee Hill.

Congratulations to Andee Hill and John Berryhill, for this remarkable convergence of businesses and minds!


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4 Responses to “Convergence Monday: EscrowHill joins forces with JohnBerryHill”
  1. Tom Barrett says:

    It looks like someone already grabbed

    But I think is still available

  2. DomainGang says:

    Tom – They are waiting for the launch of .LTD, obviously.

  3. Domain Observer says:

    I will use this company if any opportunity arises.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Domain Observer – Don’t forget the prime rib special!

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