EscrowHill to the rescue as Sedo domains remain frozen in escrow

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Arctic weather in Boston caused many Sedo domains to freeze at escrow.

Dozens of domain names remained frozen in Sedo escrow, following three weeks of extremely bad weather in Boston and New England.

A recent surge in gas prices have kept the corporate Sedo offices in Boston without much heat; most domains begin to malfunction once temperatures drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

“We have not lost any domains so far, but our escrow has locked itself to avoid any potential damage to the domain microcode due to the temperatures being so low,” said Sedo account manager, Tobias Frantz.

“In Germany, the Sedo offices are better prepared for this kind of cold weather, and we are looking into using EscrowHill as an alternative, to move these transactions forward,” added Tobias Frantz, rubbing his hands.

The use of EscrowHill to facilitate domain transactions comes as no surprise; the domain escrow company is based in the warm climate of New Zealand, and operates in most US states as well.

“EscrowHill will help us move those domains currently frozen in escrow, and we are looking forward to more such convergence of services in the future,” said Tobias Frantz, tossing more Sedo letterhead to the fireplace.

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