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Extreme security: Frank Schilling locked out of Uniregistry

When it comes down to security, domain registrars must implement the latest and greatest protocols, or risk being humiliated like Moniker.

In a case of extreme security at Uniregistry, founder and CEO Frank Schilling was temporarily locked out of the main building, in Playa Vista, California.

“It was embarrassing really, I waved, then knocked on the door and banged on the tempered glass, but nobody allowed me in without first punching in the right code,” said Frank Schilling, laughing.

“I called the office, and I was told to cut the BS, this type of social engineering does not work at Uniregistry and we’re proud of it,” added Schilling, giving two thumbs up.

Unlike other insecure domain registrars still using decade old spaghetti code back-ends, Uniregistry was built from the ground up to offer extensive security and outstanding value for money.

Even the CEO cannot just barge in without the right authorization codes, as you can see in the photo below.

For more information, visit Uniregistry.

Frank Schilling, locked out of the Uniregistry building.

Frank Schilling, locked out of the Uniregistry building.

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3 Responses to “Extreme security: Frank Schilling locked out of Uniregistry”
  1. Hire.Domains says:

    Secret code ‘gtld’

  2. RU says:

    *Seven Mile Beach

  3. @ Frank: Lockedmyselfout.com has dropped today in case you are interested … lol 😀

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