Facebook adds “Domainer” to its list of gender identification options

Facebook is taking a forward approach with regards to gender identification in the US; if you’d rather be identified as “domainer“, you can now do so.

Found among other gender options such as gay, bisexual, transgendered and android, the option to define oneself as “domainer” is a welcome addition to Facebook’s otherwise intrusive profiling.

You can now describe your gender as a "domainer".

You can now describe your gender as a “domainer”.

“I can now just refer to myself as a domainer, without worrying what people might wonder about my gender,” said Pat Smith, a domainer of ambiguous gender from San Francisco, California.

“I’ve a husky voice and short hair, and sometimes even I wonder about what exactly is inside my pants, because I don’t have time to get frisky – I research domains 24/7 as a domainer!” added Pat, laughing.

The introduction of “Domainer” as a Facebook gender identification option, solves the problem of gender inequality that has plagued Americans since the suffragette revolution of 1956, when women refused to be part of the Reader’s Digest pictorials of classy, subservient housewives.


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