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FacePaintingFL .com : Dot-Com domains “in the wild”


Keeping track of .COM domains “in the wild” is a fun pastime, and in the past we came across such instances that are stationary or on the move.

Once in a blue moon we come across domain names on automobiles, that aren’t just stickers.

In the case of FacePaintingFL.com, the decal spans the entire length of the car!

The web site, seen on a car parked outside of a local Florida mall, appears to be offering – you guessed it – face painting and party services in Florida.

Registered last year with eNom, it forwards to HannieTheClown.com, a domain registered in 2001.

Simply forwarding a domain to a web site does not render the former any results in Google: Searching for “face painting Florida” gives no visibility to the URL on the car decal, which is a shame.

Either way, visit FacePaintingFL.com to check it out.

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