Facts you won’t find on LaborDay.com

There are several facts about today’s special holiday, Labor Day, none of which exist on its .com match, LaborDay.com.

It’s a sad fact that such a generic domain has been forwarding to GreetingCards.com instead.

This is not rare; many domainers don’t put thought into the proper development of their domain assets, and sadly, LaborDay.com is one of them.

Here are the facts about Labor Day – the day about American workers:

The first Monday of September has been celebrated as Labor Day every year since 1894, when Congress unanimously passed legislation that was signed into law by President Grover Cleveland.

About 155.2 million Americans are working in the nation’s labor force, including 5.9 million people who work from home.

For those who do not work from home, the average commute time to work is 25.3 minutes. Maryland and New York had the most time-consuming commutes, averaging 31.8 and 31.3 minutes, respectively.

For fans of football, Labor Day marks the beginning of the National Football League (NFL) and college football seasons. College football games begin the week before Labor Day. The NFL begins the 2012 season by playing its first game on the first Wednesday following Labor Day.

Enjoy your Labor Day!

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