Fadi Chehadé on ICANN and gTLDS: Why the application of .OMGLOL was not approved

.OMGLOL failed to attract the compassion of ICANN officials.

.OMGLOL failed to attract the compassion of ICANN officials.

ICANN has been ramping up the speed of processing the hundreds of applications for new gTLDs.

The California based organization has been flourishing under the command of its sublime CEO, Fadi Chehadé, building a digital empire worth billions of dollars.

“Our expectations about ICANN, sole protector of the Internet, are quite high,” said Fadi Chehadé. “By 2030 we project to become a trillion dollar company, controlling thousands of gTLDs.” added Fadi Chehadé.

While the ICANN projections are based on the current growth rate, not all gTLD applications will be approved.

Earlier this week, the application for .OMGLOL was denied, on the basis of confusing similarity with two other gTLD applications, .OMG and .LOL.

“Obviously, such attempts to ride onto the trademarks of others are caught by the eagle eyes of ICANN account managers,” said Fadi Chehadé. “Our dedicated staff, when they do not partake in traveling to exotic destinations for our decisive domain conferences, are being trained in the process of maintaining a safe, secure Internet!” exclaimed Fadi Chehadé.

While the rejection of .OMGLOL might appear to be an over-reaction on behalf of ICANN, its applicants will try their luck with the other remaining application for .OMGWTF which is pending judgment in September.

In a recent decision, ICANN was forced to pull its support for .Weiner, after the extended play of a sexting scandal shook the New York City mayoral race.


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