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FakeNews.com : Six figures to sell – but is it worth that much?


Fake this, fake thatFake News.

Donald Trump made the reference to unsavory coverage synonymous to “fake news,” and this won’t change any time soon.

Major news networks, that are either liberal or neutral are tagged as “fake news” – but since when critical, objective response is fake?

Regardless, this brave new political world in the US has triggered the registration of various domains that incorporate the “fake” keyword.

Among them, the absolute match, FakeNews.com, which serves as an index of political commentary catering to the Trump hegemony.

Of course, have no doubt that it’s all done for the eyeballs, and traffic is solid enough for the domain’s owner to seek six figures USD for the domain:

“FakeNews.com is available exclusively at NameAlpha.com – We will consider and respond to any 6 figure offers. Please use the live chat or the form below to submit your offer for the purchase of FakeNews.com”

Regardless of whether this price is attainable, the public lifespan of FakeNews.com began with its registration in 1999, and shall continue as long as Donald Trump is US president.

Is the domain FakeNews.com worth 6 figures USD?

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7 Responses to “FakeNews.com : Six figures to sell – but is it worth that much?”
  1. Spoof.News says:

    Waiting for our turn. Going by the trend, spoof.News should fetch something similar 😉

  2. it is worth even more.
    fake news / trolling can modify people minds, it’s what’s happening with some ICO … people are searching the truth but get manipulated 🙂
    the solution for fake news is http://AntiTrolling.com

  3. Brad says:

    Mediabias.com is very similar but wasn’t just invented recently. It’s been a major topic of discussion on all sides of the spectrum for decades.

  4. Dn Ebook says:

    artificialfacts ….. up for grabs

  5. Mike C says:

    Infowars and Fox News are definitely highly potential buyers… but I have a feeling Alex Jones might try to pay in Super Vitamin Pills… and Fox News needs to save money for all their attorney’s fees.

  6. Matt says:

    Fake.news is still available, for now. Anyone interested can send offers to platinums@donuts.email.

  7. Depends how it is developed – does it just spew out parodies, does it identify fake news, or does it spread or sell false news? To go with it you would need FactCheckin.com for independent verification!

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