Father Domainicus: Blessed be the Water School and those that support it

The domain end is near, says Father Domainicus.

Father Domainicus blessing everyone for the holy days.

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining – this is Father Domainicus, with a special message before the holy days of Christmas.

Many wealthy domainers openly proclaim their wealth status, announcing huge accomplished deals or other such joint ventures. And that is fair in life, as they are blessed by our Domain Lord with skills and the ability to negotiate monstrous domain deals.

Keep in mind, though, my domain children, that what the Domain Lord giveth, He can taketh.

No, I am not lisping; this archaic form of English is part of the Book of the Blessed, as presented to the followers of our Domain Church in Chapter 7: Merchants of Sin:

“Share thy shekels, and do not present thy wealth in a manner accustomed by the Sodomites and the Gomorrah merchants, for liquid fire shall cover thy house of sin.”

In other words, one’s wealth that is unshared, is not truly remarkable or enjoyable.

On the other hand, during the holy days of Christmas one is meant to enjoy the act of gift-giving, be it as a pair of sassy undergarments, or a woolen hat, or gift cards to the needy and meals for the homeless.

The Water Schoola charity operated by Brother Richard Lau – is converting money into water, much like our Domain Lord turned water into wine. It is not a heresy, it’s a dogmatic transformation of how you too can help by donating to the Water School.

Let’s all keep the momentum going, by donating our dollaror more – to the Water School. The blessings of our Domain Lord shall carry on into the new, prosperous year, 2014, a year of many revelations and anticipated joy.

I leave you with a loving kiss on your cheeks, and a warm hug to keep you inspired for the holy days.

~ Father Domainicus.

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