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Guess who owns the @DonaldTrump account on #Instagram

Political figures with Instagram accounts can quickly amass tens of thousands of followers. In the case of a country leader, that number can turn into millions. US president, Donald Trump, has more than 8.3 million followers on Instagram, something he often boasts about. There is a problem, however, as Donald Trump’s Instagram account is “RealDonaldTrump” […]

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Water School : New web site encourages donations for needy nations

Water School, the charity project that leverages donations for the creation of clean water facilities in needy nations, has updated its web site. Operating from WaterSchool.com, the project also enjoys a featured, special event during NamesCon – the biggest domain conference of the year. Every year, hundreds of domain investors attending NamesCon open their hearts […]

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Father Domainicus: Blessed be the Water School and those that support it

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining – this is Father Domainicus, with a special message before the holy days of Christmas. Many wealthy domainers openly proclaim their wealth status, announcing huge accomplished deals or other such joint ventures. And that is fair in life, as they are blessed by our Domain Lord […]

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