Father Domainicus and a Labor Day eulogy for all hard-working domainers


Father Domainicus delivering a powerful message on Labor Day.

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus with a special eulogy on this Labor Day, to all domainers.

Quite often, I am being asked, Father Domainicus – what is the amount of work and effort I should put into domain investing?

This question, however naive and plain it might appear to be, hides within itself a powerful message for all professionals that utilize computers and the Internet.

Many moons ago, humans had to push hard with their own hands to plow the land, they had to get down and dirty, sweating all day long to make ends meet.

But today, my domaining children, we can effortlessly provide for our families with the push of a button, selling domain names on Brother Frank‘s Domain Name Sales parish of our Domain Church.

As the Domain Lord quoteth during the early years of our creation in Domaingenesis 5:24

“Let man be man and woman be woman, producing the bread off the earth with the sweat of their bodies and the effort of their hands.”

This powerful message indicates that even today, domain investors must strive to give it all, they must work as hard as their bodies and minds can take it, if they want to succeed.

On this fine Labor Day, I implore you all to keep on working hard for your daily bread, and to not rest on your domain acquisition laurels that would otherwise send you to the beaches, drinking pina coladas. If you broker domain names, do not expect life to be easy every single day, without continuous effort and love towards your fellow man (or woman.)

My brothers and sisters, let Labor Day be a day of jubilation that allows you to prosper further, with your effort and sweat.

Leaving you with a brotherly hug, and a promise to return with more eulogies in the future.

~Father Domainicus.


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