Father Domainicus: #Pharisaic elements of the #domain industry

Father Domainicus

Greetings, my brothers and sisters in domaining – this is Father Domainicus, on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon.

In recent weeks, my days have been filled with a lot of volunteer work at the local chapter of our Domain Church, serving the Domain Lord.

It’s a task of love, educating other members of our community about the validity of alternate TLDs, ccTLDs, and gTLDs.

A lot of domain industry educators retain a Pharisaic hold onto the crowds they are attempting to instill wisdom to.

For example, proclaiming complete abstinence from alternate extensions, and yet choosing a random extension for their viral domain.

Alas, in the early days of our industry such acts would go by unnoticed, all due to the authority of the Pharisee – but today, our interconnected world and social media interactions emphasize such instances, with vengeance.

Oh, the hypocrisy, you might say in a righteous voice – and several of our readers mentioned that in emails. Said brother Tim from New Smyrna:

“Father Domainicus, why can I not use a dot .horse domain, if it matches my project and budget? Do I have to pay thousands of dollars for the .com? Perplexed.”

My dear child, I’m so moved by your plea for help in this time and day of many options! I too am enraged by the attempt of the few to strangulate all chance and opportunity that leads to global prosperity and progress. I hereby advise you to ignore such ignorant voices and proceed with the domain name, extension, and even ice cream flavor of your own choice.

Our Domain Lord mentions this exact issue in Domainclessiastes 3:22 – and I quote verbatim:

“Let those who are without sin cast the first damn stone, or begone like the seed of Onan in the sand, for they are prostitutes of the mind.”

What a beautiful statement, which brings us to the particular instance of self-gratification. The Pharisaic voices are often spoken to gratify themselves, like a perpetuating fable fit for old times.

I implore you to continue investing in, and developing domain names as you see fit, and ignore any negative voice generated by the many minions of satan.

Bidding you farewell on this humid Sunday, until our next rendezvous; a soft, brotherly kiss on both your cheeks.

~Father Domainicus.

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  1. tommy butler says:

    The words of wisdom. Thats why we are followers of Father Domainicus.

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