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Fed up Domainer quits day job at Geek Squad

For Timothy Frolker the dream of a lifetime was to work for the Best Buy elite team of hardware geeks – the Geek Squad.

After several months on the job, it became apparent that his dream was in fact a nightmare in process.

Harassed and ridiculed by colleagues, Timothy quit, but not without making a big statement about it.

“Day in, day out my boss and several of my coworkers were rude and condescending about my beliefs”, says Timothy, while adjusting his pocket protector.

“They knew I am an active domain investor and they chased me around in forums, making fun of my premium domain registrations. I wasn’t given a day of peace in several months.”

Timothy, just like several hundreds, perhaps thousands of domainers around the world were constantly reminded that their choice of .tel as the TLD of the future had some major weak points.

From the very beginning, Timothy was an outspoken supporter of .TEL just like he did with .Asia and .ws prior to that.

“I’m an investor with several years of experience in the domain industry. I know my stuff and .tel is the silent dragon of the domain industry”, says Timothy while rebooting his notebook that runs Ubuntu linux. “I made more than $400 in the past from selling 100 or so .asia domains and a few years back I invested in .ws and made some good gas money from that”, he adds.

Ubuntu is the OS of choice for Geek Squad employees.

Last Monday, Timothy quit his job at Geek Squad but managed to publicize his unpleasant employment experience by taking over the Best Buy department’s TV wall and mooning everyone in the store.

“When you get harassed and humiliated like I was, you eventually snap. Enough is enough, if people don’t want to be educated over the benefits of .TEL I won’t be spending another minute trying to convince those naysayers.”

Timothy plans to start his own business offering advice to people that are newcomers to the domain industry.

As an experienced investor, he’s looking forward to making a fortune – all while making people rich as well.

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7 Responses to “Fed up Domainer quits day job at Geek Squad”
  1. David says:

    The happier times must be a very long time ago judging by what looks like an ancient 5-1/.4 inch floppy disk in the hands of the Geek Squad guy on the right in the photo. Was there even a Geek Squad back in those days?

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    David – that’s probably from upgrading a customer’s ancient “puter” 😀 And if that matters, I used 8″ floppies in college to store my data off the mainframe 😀

  3. Paul says:

    So what’s the issue here?. He gets harassed by co-workers and invests in .Tel, so what?.

    Geek Squad is very lucky that he didn’t use the firing squad tactics that’s used nowadays.

  4. Anthony says:

    He should of bought some .infos, .mobis and some .me instead 🙂

  5. TPZ says:

    The guy sounds like a real loser LOL Who registers tel domains these days and calls themselves expert??

  6. barefoot says:

    I remember seeing an interview from around 2003 with this same guy Timothy where he talks about his numerous investments in New.net names. I wish I could find the interview now.

    But I recall how excited he was that New.net names were going to take over everyone’s browsers and so on and so forth. I think he said he spent over $75,000 at New.net and also over at the .USA registry. “Money well-spent”, he said. “I’m going to be a very wealthy man and when I am, I’m gonna take this job and shove it!”

    At the time, he was working for Radio Shack as a part-time Sales Consultant, but even back then was being harassed by his co-workers about his spending habits on domain names, but his confidence in his investment portfolio was not to be shaken. “You guys are all LOSERS!” he’d yell.

    But I guess he just couldn’t take the abuse anymore.

  7. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Barefoot – That’s some amazing research and it all makes sense now: Timothy is a victim of circumstance. The Geek Squad guys need to hire him back.

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