Fiesta Maya NSB : Dot-Com domains “in the wild” with a Mexican flavor

Numerous businesses, whether small or large, rely on a good old-fashioned .com domain to expand their online presence, along with a Facebook page.

We often come across such “in the wild” instances of .com domain usage, and we share them with our readers.

Today it’s been a relaxing day, spent mostly at New Smyrna Beach.

Beautiful Florida weather, combined with lower temperatures and low humidity, increased our appetite for quality Mexican food.

Headed over to Fiesta Maya, located close to Edgewater, and we weren’t disappointed.

Food was authentic, delicious, with supersized portions; coupled with some Modelo beer and Mexican music, it made a splendid ending for the day.

Their web site,, is printed on this jalapeno sauce that added some serious kick to the tasty quesadillas.

If you’re heading over to New Smyrna Beach instead of the overly hyped Daytona for a day of leisure, don’t forget to visit Fiesta Maya for some great, authentic Mexican food.

Gracias, amigos!

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