FlattenTheCurve.com : How a valuable #domain aids the fight against #Covid19

The domain FlattenTheCurve.com was registered in March by a domain aficionado, who actually developed their important registration into an aid against Covid19.

Sean Markey witnessed his newly registered domain go viral, getting over one million page views in 7 days.

Says Sean in a newly released article:

Sunday night, March 8th, I bought the name via the Namecheap iPhone app (which, is risky for someone who gets a little dopamine kick from registering a new domain, feeding off the energy of an idea newly-born, with all the potential in the world before it). My idea at the time was just to throw a site up that just contained the image, to make it easy to share. I had no real ideas on what to do with it beyond that.

While many would have listed the domain for sale at a marketplace at that point, Sean took the project one step further, gathering volunteers along the way.

I had an idea–what if I could take this Google doc that was getting some traction and just paste it on FlattenTheCurve.com — it was the perfect content for the domain name.

Read fascinating details on the background story of the registration and launch of an important portal against the Coronavirus, and visit FlattenTheCurve.com.

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