Flippa flop: ‘Speach Recognition’ is great – as long as one has a ‘speach impediment’

Oops! I just maid a typo.

Oops! I just maid a typo.

Typo domains are part of the domain market, some can make thousands of dollars in parking revenue.

What if your domain is an obvious typo, and yet you remain clueless about it?

A domain listing over at Flippa, seems to be so.

SpeachRecognition.com is an instant eye-popper, that would bring out the ‘grammar nazi‘ in most of us. 😀

Its owner, appears to think it’s a cool name, as he boldly states:

“The name speaks for itself.”

Yes, it does “speak” but alas, “speach” is only valid if you’re referring to a “Southern peach.”

What do you think of such silly domain registrations?

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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