Florida State Guard: Ron DeSantis new militia snapped as a .com domain

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, is “dreaming” of a new militia that was last used at the end of World War II, the Florida State Guard.

The newly proposed “Florida State Guard” will be formed as a 200-strong civilian military force and Ron DeSantis is seeking $3.5 million dollars from the state legislature in startup costs to train and equip them. The Florida State Guard will be under the governor’s control and safe from any federal control, unrelated to the National Guard.

This was officiated today, but has been cooking for a while as the domain FloridaStateGuard.com was registered in August 2021. The matching .us was registered even earlier, in June 2021, and the .org was registered today as large news networks such as CNN picked up on the Florida governor’s intentions.

The domain FloridaStateGuard.com was already listed this morning at DAN with an asking price of $248 dollars. Naturally, someone picked it up later today.

It could have sold for considerably more, regardless of the political affiliation of the buyer: Republicans would operate the content in a positive way, while Democrats might choose to point out the imperialistic aspirations of governor Ron DeSantis.

The official name of the Florida State Guard is different, however: Florida State Defense Force. Let’s see how long it’ll take for the matching .com domain to get registered!

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One Response to “Florida State Guard: Ron DeSantis new militia snapped as a .com domain”
  1. amplify says:

    Speculative purchase as they can use fsg.fl.gov/guard.fl.gov, etc. which adds more authenticity to it as an official Department of Florida. I doubt they will pick this one up for recruiting purposes. Word of mouth of where to go to sign up will fly in special groups that have many individuals on board. Welcome back a true protective force though (as police are not bound to protect)!

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