Following domain account leaks, registrant publishes own personal info

Following the massive leak of a registrar database with more than 600 billion domain names, a domain registrant took the matter in his own hands.

Simon Dalfur wants to show the world that there is no privacy left in this digital world we live in:

“Names, passwords, secret words and pins were all compromised, along with my favorite color and my cat’s name,” said Dalfur, a computer security expert and domain name investor.

“What’s left to do, I decided to share my own personal info in a clean format, at least the hard-working cybercriminals should get some sanitized data,” added Dalfur.

Some call this an act of desperation, but Simon Dalfur, a seasoned domainer, has a point: no domain account is safe any more.

“By contributing to the loss of online privacy I hope to devalue the price of private data being sold on the Dark Web by at least a few dollars,” said Dalfur, adding: “If everyone did the same, there would be no market for private data anymore!”

Per his request, Simon Dalfur’s private information follows:

Name: Simon Dalfur

User name: sdalfur

Password: 1234567890password

Pin: 1234

Favorite color: Red

Cat’s name: Kitty

If you want to contribute to the cause, share your own info below. Eventually, the Dark Web folks will hopefully give up.

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  1. Jeff Manes says:

    Not all was published. He helad first concert and bedroom safeword.

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