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Frank Schilling’s keynote speech revealed Uniregistry password!


Relax, you’re in good hands at Uniregistry.

During Frank Schilling‘s keynote speech at NamesCon, the Uniregistry founder presented the company’s launch of brand new products, including that of the Uniregistry Market.

Frank proceeded with demonstrating the live pushing of domains via the Uniregistry App, currently only available for iOS devices. An Android version is coming up in March.

Because Frank Schilling’s iPhone was directly broadcasting its screen to the projector, the entire password was typed in, digit by digit, being turned into dots a split second later.

As far as we recall, there was a “d” and a “4”. The password seemed to be about 10 characters in length.

Oops! 😀

Frank Schilling, realizing his password was echoed by the projector.

Frank Schilling, realizing his password was echoed by the projector.

Frank proceeded with declaring that “we’re all friends here,” and laughs ensued by the audience.

Needless to say that the priceless password to that Uniregistry account was changed seconds later by the Uniregistry team, so even if you recorded the incident, it’s no longer valid. 😀

Two lucky domain investors attending NamesCon were given the domains Paleo.diet and 123.link for free.


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One Response to “Frank Schilling’s keynote speech revealed Uniregistry password!”
  1. steve says:

    hahahahahaha, nice one Frank!!!

    That face has Whooops all over it

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