Frank Schilling’s Upcoming Venture into Space

Of all the uber-domainers, Cayman Islands’ based Frank Schilling is the epitome of a self-made multi-millionaire. With a portfolio of several hundred thousand domains, Frank Schilling has reached the status of uber-domainer utilizing skillful domain acquisition strategies.

At an era when the buck of space exploration is being passed onto the private sector, thanks to president Obama’s recent cancellation of the Constellation space program that’d return Americans to the moon, it becomes apparent that among domainers Frank Schilling alone possesses the financial capability to make it to space as a private tourist.

Perhaps it is not coincidental that Frank Schilling’s NAmedia owns The reference to “space taxi” was made by president Obama in his budget speech this week, when he announced the change of focus in NASA’s space program.

Frank Schilling is a low key domainer that maintains a direct control over his large and keyword-rich domain portfolio.

Don’t be surprised if he, first among the uber-domainers (Rick Schwartz, Mike Mann, Dr. Kevin Ham – known as the man who owns the Internet) embarks on a space adventure in the coming years, when the space taxi business explodes.

To infinity, and beyond!

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