Frankie’s Internet Traffic has ‘internal server error’

Frank Schilling owns your web browser.

Imagine picking up a rock, and finding uber-domainer Frank Schilling under it. That’s what it feels like, when we randomly discover yet another domain owned by the ever-busy Canadian, resident of the Caymans.

Today’s discovery comes courtesy of a common browser report of a web site that fails to serve web pages over http.

Sounds too technical?

It really isn’t.

When you see the message “internal server error“, it’s an indication that the web server’s software – most likely, Apache – has failed to deliver content that the web browser can display.

Here comes the fun part. 😀

It seems that Frank Schilling hand-registered that very phrase as a .com – – back in 2001, according to top WHOIS tool, DomainTools.

So next time you see “internal server error” displayed in your web browser, think of Frank! 😀

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