Friday fun : The dot .com frenzy is far from over

Dominic Frisby is MoneyWeek’s commentator on gold and commodities, and a private investor, focusing on junior mining companies.

In an article about domain names, titled “The dotcom frenzy is far from over,” Frisby is challenging investors to “Spot the next big trend, nab the “.com” first and you could make millions for just $10.”

It’s that easy, apparently.

“Nab” is British colloquialism for grabbing something under someone else’s nose, and in the domain world that can be literally the case.

The article is a mish-mash of Wild West gold rush tales, futurism and glorious domain sales of the past.

Frisby’s suggestion to register domains combining dates with events uses as an example, but fails to realize this would be a trademark infringement.

Tossing Ethereum and currently used terms into the mix is an attempt to indicate that domain “speculators” should stay abreast of technology and emerging products.

But usually, these new products arrive with an assorted brand which is trademarked – and can often result in a UDRP.

It doesn’t hurt to read the article, if you’re having a sad Friday. Seasoned domain investors will appreciate rehashing the state of the domain industry, while newbies might get a stiffy or two out of it.

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3 Responses to “Friday fun : The dot .com frenzy is far from over”
  1. Logan says:

    How do you get two stiffies at the same time?

  2. fizz says:

    @Logan my guess is to use a mirror lol

  3. Andy says:

    Stiffy, another great colloquialism. Others for your delectation and delight, in decreasing order of frequency of use, include woody, morning glory, one-eyed trouser snake and the little known ‘bookies biro’ (indicates a dangerous level of over-use). Not forgetting my personal favourite ‘love truncheon’, only to be uttered at moments of extreme romantic possibility and only ever with the wife after copious beers and a bag of chips.

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