#GDPR bullshit : Cause of #WHOIS nightmare is not a Euro money maker

GDPR, the bullshit Euro-law crafted to generate penalty money for the Eurocrats, is failing its privacy claims.

According to a report from Digi.me, GDPR driven data breaches result in penalties only for 0.25% of the cases!

This astonishing fact makes everyone in the domain world wonder why in fuck’s sake did ICANN push for WHOIS changes, effectively bending over to demands by the Europeans.

Is it because ICANN is also a massive bureaucratic organization, or is it due to pressure from European lobbyists?

In the Digi.me report, of 11,468 self-reported data breach cases handled by the ICO between May 25 2018 and the end of March 2019, just 29 penalties were handed out. This is less than a quarter of one percent!

According to the report’s analysis published by Infosecurity Magazine:

The data, obtained by Digi.me under the Freedom of Information Act, also showed that 37,798 data protection concerns have been raised by members of the public since the GDPR came into force. That figure is almost three-times the number of actual data breach cases investigated by the ICO since May 25 2018.

This ridiculous outcome shows that the forced privacy changes in domain WHOIS data, was done without any real results, causing headaches to researchers and digital crime investigators, and fostering an increase in domain crime.

GDPR data – Photo by Jose A.Thompson on Unsplash

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