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German integration : 1&1 + Sedo = More domain sales

1&1 joins SedoMLS.

Sponsored by Sedo.*

Sedo and 1&1 Internet are joining forces, despite being already conjoined under the same corporate umbrella.

Sister company 1&1 will be offering more than 18 million domains from the Sedo marketplace, to its customer base of 16.75 million.

How is this done: By using the SedoMLS, the web’s largest domain name distribution network.

According to the Sedo announcement about the joint venture:

“The best domain names offering the highest value for online businesses, so called premium domain names, are no longer available for registration. But the secondary market provides the possibility to get access to those premium domain names.

It is crucial that they are highly visible and can be easily found by interested domain name buyers. Domain buyers have enumerable options for finding their perfect name. Even if a desired domain has already been assigned, customers at 1&1 can now buy the domain if it’s for sale or they are offered similar domain names from the premium domain range. “

Tobias Flaitz, CEO of Sedo, said:

“The partnership with 1&1 being one of the largest registrars in the world, offers us access to a new and broader range of domain buyers.

This is great news for domain sellers at Sedo as we gained a new strong partner with 1&1 which will increase our sales reach around the world and our ability to distribute the growing inventory of premium domains to a global customer base. This way we can ensure that businesses and individuals alike can find the right domain names to best suit their needs.”

Robert Hoffmann, CEO of 1&1 Internet SE, added:

“1&1’s integration of SedoMLS provides our customers access to a vast network with the best domain name options.

This will not only boost our customers’ success in targeted domain searches, but also increase the likelihood of finding the right domain name for their web project.”

For more information visit Sedo.com.

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One Response to “German integration : 1&1 + Sedo = More domain sales”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Sounds like a power move to me. I wonder if this move will help them get a better footing against their competition? I guess time will tell. πŸ˜‰

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