Global #NFT mania and the Domain King

Rick Schwartz – the Domain King

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are all the rage among the tech-savvy, and some domain investors have been following the current trend.

Millions of dollars in art and sports collectibles have been traded using the NFT approach, that registers the value and the person holding the asset onto a digital ledger, aka blockchain.

With all that in mind, it appears that Rick Schwartz, the de facto Domain King, has entered the NFT market himself. 🙂

Two recent domain registrations indicate that Rick is building a domain portfolio with NFT keywords. Here are two examples:

It’s evident from these registrations that people are looking for help on the NFT subject. Many people still have no idea what the heck NFT references are all about and even those that do have no idea how to monetize the ongoing and growing NFT craze.

Hopefully Rick Schwartz’s next joint venture will be with a major NFT company that will utilize these domains as part of their global NFT strategy!

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